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About Triangle ?

We are a company of the finest  IT professionals and digitilization is our core mission for the future.we where founded in 1997 developing database for population censors across the globe and in 2017 we are digitalizing the educational system for effectiveness and easy-of-use.

North America60%

Parents love triangle as it saves lots of money for buying textbooks every term

Weed Drin - Narsonten Collage

Am a student of love international school. Since my school started using triangle.I no longer have to carry heavy textbooks to school.We have our freedom


Digitalize Your School Now, IS FREE. AND FREE FOREVER

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We have been able to by-cut piracy, lately we only publish to Triangle Library

Ahmed Bensalah - Lue Adword Publishing House

Triangle Library pays us per school. And its just fabulous as we sit back and get paid year in and out.

Tahri Adel - Baban Publishers

Publish Your Text Books with Us and Get Paid all Royalties yearly

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